Mystery Science Short Attention Span Theater

  • Ukraine is about Russian aggression, but also about the dance of empires, and tectonic shifts in the “world order” we’ve taken for granted for the last three-quarters of a century. (Which is maybe a pretty long time in huma affairs.)
  • The Covid pandemic is about a particularly nasty virus, but also about the shifting urban/rural interface, human immune response, politicization of public health, and the vast inequalities in care (and in everything else).
  • The climate crisis is about “the existential problem of our time”, but also about the decline or soils, oceans, and ecosystems‚ — and is merely symptomatic of the deeper underlying crises of an extractive economy and a poisoned planet.
  • Read some history. (I’m not going to attempt to unpack the war here, except to note that the eight year version, the 11 year version, the 21 year version and the 30 year version might offer you very different perspectives than the one month version in which we mostly find ourselves.)
  • Listen to different voices — and especially to unfamiliar voices. All of us encounter the world through our own interpretations of what we observe, and what we observe is filtered through our interpretations…as much a function of who we are, how we were shaped, what we care about, and how that was shaped, as it is a function of “what’s so.”
  • Accept your lack of control over and inability to predict how events will unfold, and how profoundly contingencies shape what we encounter, how we engage…, and the very possibilities we see…or don’t see.
  • Embrace your ability to act meaningfully nonetheless, and to affect, in some ways, at some scale, what might unfold — and, in particular, how yand where you will stand in the midst of the unfolding.
  • Coaching and thought partnerships: one-on-one tough love support for leaders and emerging leaders, to build your effectiveness, power, presence, and peace of mind.”
  • On-Demand Learning: The new release of the MySustainOnline on-demand micro-learning platform in 100+ languages is right around the corner. I’ll have details for you next time.
  • Full Cycle Sustainability: We don’t do CSR or ESG. We develop strategy, design practices, and support implementation — shoulder to shoulder with your teams — grounded in 3.8 billion years of open-source R&D…to get everyone in your organization on the same page…with a clear line of sight connecting actions, aspirations, and purpose…to deliver on aggressive, realistic goals…that move us closer to the world we need faster than we even thought possible.



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Gil Friend

Gil Friend

Gil Friend is CEO of Natural Logic Inc., founder of Critical Path Capital, and an inaugural member of the Sustainability Hall of Fame.